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About Bobby Jennings

Soltara, Costa Rica

My name is Robert “Bobby” Jennings. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You could always find me outside in nature hiking, swimming, camping, and fishing growing up. Having a joyful childhood soon came with emotional and spiritual obstacles, when my father passed suddenly from Cancer while I was a teenager.

Coming into adulthood had its challenges, self medicating, PTSD, substance abuse, and poor diet choices, while slowly feeling a disconnect to my roots of nature. My spiritual path was decaying, when suddenly a turn for the better was blessed into my life. In 2014 I underwent a shift in my overall health while working with a cacti Shaman. During my retreat, I was introduced to fasting protocols, sacred drumming, meditation, and a healthy plant dieta with Grandfather San Pedro. During this training, I rapidly was able to put much trauma and past addictions to rest, opening up a new chapter in my life for better health.

With my personal healing journey opening up in a positive manner, I felt drawn to work in addiction recovery. I soon was offered employment at a reputable recovery center in Maine. I had great satisfaction as a nature guide, working with addicts, bringing them into nature, aiding individuals with tools for a Healthy living. Nature hikes, meditation, positive music, healthy foods were pivotal in the recovery for many individuals I worked with throughout Maine.

In 2018 I made the decision to further my education and experience in holistic health, herbalism and plant medicines. I decided to travel to the Peruvian Rainforest, training with generational Shaman Manain with the Hummingbird Retreat Center. This experience was a life changing catalyst furthering my knowledge into herbalism, Mestizl Tradition of healing and holistic health.

Months prior to my travels to Peru, I was directed and called to try the powerful modality for healing, “Kambo”. I was advised to find a practitioner in the New England region, become inoculated and initiated with this medicine, making my body and mind strong before my travels to Peru. Here I found Stephen Goterch through the I.A.K.P, where I began an a focussed protocol with Kambo, Phyllomedusa Bicolar.

Returning home to the states from Peru, feeling renewed and strong, I decided to apprentice with Stephen and the International Association of Kambo Providers. This was an amazing journey, treating patients on a weekly basis in Portland Maine. I was able to see beautiful transformations in many participants on a weekly basis. Many addictions, lyme disease, depression, auto immune issues becoming healed. I was able to see people become the best version of their self, in which I saw in my own self. Seeing the results, I continued forward making this a true life path helping others.

In 2019, I had an amazing opportunity to travel to the Nacoya Peninsula in Costa Rica working with Plant medicine facilitators Soi and Sylvia at the Solatara Center. This was another turning point for myself, diving deeper into herbalism, plant medicines, and the Shipibo Healing Tradition.

Completing my apprenticeship with Stephen Goterch, I became a proud member of Kambo International, traveling to Washington state, training with Ginny Ruthford. This was an amazing opportunity to learn more about administering Kambo, while having the privilege to train under some of the Country’s most knowledgable Kambo Practitioners.

Serving this medicine was never the original plan for me, it unfolded very organically, as I saw the quick shift and healing that took place in myself. My intentions have always been to heal myself, and in doing that so passionately, I’ve somehow found myself facilitating the same experience in others. It is such a blessing to be able to provide the same healing opportunities for friends as were provided for me.

In 2021 I have the great opportunity to travel back to Peru working with Pychonauta foundation. Being accepted into the program and plant dieta will be a very disciplined approach into the jungle, working with many plant medicines and herbs, expanding my knowledge base in the realm of holistic health.