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Kambo aftercare along with its integration process is a very important part of the process while working with this sacred energy. Often people find and seek Kambo for relief and solutions regarding their ailments within their mind, body, and spirit. Great results are usually discovered once individuals take these steps and dedicate their precious time, building this relationship with the powerful peptides of the Phyllomedusa Tree Frog of the Amazon. 

The Kambo treatments alone are a fundamental step in rejuvenating ones self, but to get the best benefits and receive the most efficient results, the practice of Kambo asks participants to truly dedicate themselves in the after care process.  Ideally, Kambo will give us the boost of energy to move forward and achieve this goal. 

Over the years with Indigo Health Voyages and assisting people from all walks of life integrate their Kambo process has been a gratifying experience. Offering coaching, guidance, assistance, and support is an aspect that helps individuals complete the process with optimism and confidence. The formulas to provide optimal healing are strived to be done in simplicity along with dedication. Of course, no days are perfect and we face our challenges, but the upward spiral of healing is something we should strive for, appreciating the progress we make. 

After receiving Kambo,  the body goes through a strong recalibration of relieving toxins and emotional traumas. The inner work with integration should be continued, this can be made easy and filled with joy as we become healthier individuals.

“The first steps to Kambo aftercare” 

Emotional and Spiritual Processing-   During the series of treatments, shifts can usually occur on a spiritual, biological and psychological level. One golden rule is take time for ourselves and focus on relaxing our nervous systems. Taking walks around the neighborhood or in nature is a key element. After a treatment, Kambo requires the body to move, circulating the energy, while working the lymphatic system taking deep conscious breathes. Depending on the personal health of an individual, some may feel the need with their improved energy to exert themselves in heavier training regiments. With other individuals, simple walks throughout the following weeks is adequate and beneficial.  

Kambo opens up the senses, we use the saying, “Play with your senses.” Taking these walks and getting fresh air, observing nature, can be a form of a walking meditation that can help the nervous system relax. . 

Taking time to rest is the other spectrum to balance our aftercare. During the shifts we experience, know when to rest and relax. As we rest, once again try to be aware of our breathing. This is an essential part of aftercare, coming into the rhythms of breathing and oxygenating our bodies. This can help bring us a calm stillness and present moment, which can provide optimal rest. 

Another modality is the ten second rule. With these shifts that occur, our environment can cause us often reacting in old patterns. Use the integration process to collect ourselves, have boundaries, then to respond in a calm manner. Respond rather than react. The goal is to keep the nervous system simmered while not letting situations trigger us. Wether it is life partners, co-workers, family members, it is important to stay present and grounded. Often in this manner we see situations diffuse themselves quite nicely. 

Journaling and using the creative process is also an important step. Reflecting in our writing, musical and artistic creation can help facilitate this process. We can find ourselves having the clarity and energy to expand these horizons with true creativity. 

Kambo Diet-  

As Kambo cleanses our internal systems, having a balanced diet is imperative. In the Amazonian regions of South America, this can be referred to as the “Dieta.”

Keeping it simple and practical is key. Implementing organic spring mix salads into your weekly routine can help with this process of healing. We are what we eat. Making a tasty salad that the body truly loves can be an art. Adding some hot quinoa or rice to the salad can give a wholesome balance. Cold pressed oils are advised for dressings, as many store dressings can have unhealthy oils in their ingredients. Adding sea salt and pepper works well for flavor, as the Kambo diet is not as strict as ayahuasca diet.

Meat is not a contraindication with Kambo. It is often advised to keep red meat to a few times per week, as the body requires a lot of energy for red meat digestion. Chicken and fish can be an easier process for our integration and is permitted. 

Implementing daily smoothies are extremely beneficial. As Kambo helps heal our overall  gut health, having smoothies is very soothing on the digestive system. It is advised to stay away from pasteurized milk. Substituting almond, hemp, coconut or hemp milk works well in our aftercare. Adding in a source of protein to our smoothies, wether vegetarian or grass fed whey can give our bodies an added boost for recovery. Frozen fruit and ice can give a soothing cold texture helping to ground our digestive tract. 

Probiotic health is a common way to reboot our beneficial bacteria after Kambo. We recommend sauerkraut and Kim chi during the days after Kambo. If individuals are partaking in ayahuasca during this time frame, the ayahuasca dieta often says to refrain from fermented foods for a short time, this is a notion to be mindful of.

We like to use the 80/20 rule in the practice. Eighty percent of our daily lives we are doing our best to feed our bodies with proper nutrition. Being perfect is hard and often not expected. Having occasional treats will not ruin your progress and hard work completely, it just important to keep the pendulum swinging in the right direction. 

 Correct Healthy Water Intake-

Water quality is key. After Kambo it is recommend to stay hydrated with the correct water quality intake. Unfortunately public water systems are treated with chlorine and fluoride. Despite the marketing descriptions of certain home water purification systems, they can have a hard time filtering out these substances, especially fluoride. Being able to consume healthy spring, purified, or well water is essential. A great asset has been the website, ““.  If residing on public water systems, utilizing a chlorine shower filter is a great asset to have that is also quite affordable. 

Cold Water Therapy and Magnesium Salt Baths-

The power of cold water has many proven benefits. After Kambo, utilizing this practical practice can work wonders helping our central nervous systems, inflammation, and Vagus nerve. Cold showers are a stepping stone to gradually work ourselves up to more intensive and efficient sessions with ice baths or cold water plunges. After cold water therapy sessions, it can be followed with warm baths consisting of magnesium salts. Kambo loves the cold to warm contrasts on our bodies, keeping the Kambo glow-flow vital and alive.   

Supplements, Medications and Correlating Medicine Work-

Fortunately Kambo works well with most medications. Participants can resume certain medications the days following a treatment. Often with antidepressant medications and stimulants, people feel they can taper off slowly and quite effectively after a treatment. In regards to supplements and herbal formulas, these can work in a healthy synergistic fashion with Kambo treatments. Fine tuning supplement and herbal formula intake can often work well with private integration coaching sessions, as calculated dedicated protocols can be planned well. Over the years seeing and working with ailments such as Lyme disease, IBS, Fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety, individualized health care and coaching sessions can aid with the integration process. Indigo Health Voyages can offer a wide variety of assistance in the aftercare regarding these ailments in conjunction with your Kambo treatments.

With an abundance of supplements and formulas at are footsteps, there are a few important ones to mention and research, giving a solid foundation for our lives. 

  • Whole food multi vitamin                         
  • Buffered Vitamin C mega dosing             
  • Nascent iodine                                            
  • MSM                                                          
  • Ionic Copper                                              
  • Shilajit                                                        
  • Transdermal magnesium spray
  • Ionic Zinc 
  • Raw apple cider vinegar
  • Sodium Bicarbonate therapy
  • Pine gum spirits
  • Borax therapy
  • Probiotics
  • NAC             

With elaboration on Sodium Bicarbonate and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Therapy, this method can help ease the gut and digestion following treatments. A simple protocol is adding 1/4th teaspoon of pure organic baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), a dash of raw apple cider vinegar into a half cup of water. This process will allow the contents to “Fizz” briefly. The alkaline elixir can be taken 3 times a week on a empty stomach or early evening one hour after a meal, helping to ground and settle our stomach.

Micro-dosing and other sacred plant ceremonies can also work well in the post process, although with mindful precautions. Coaching sessions can be a good resource in finding the right protocol to carry one’s healing process in regards to these symbiotic relationships. 

Aroma Therapy, Sage, and Meditation-

Our senses are coming alive, which is a gratifying feeling. Using aromatherapy, sage, and protective incense can give our homes and dwellings a feeling of comfort. Utilizing these tools are important after treatments and ceremonies giving us a calming effect and spiritual protection. 

Lifestyle Choices and Continuation of the Kambo Practice-

The goal of receiving treatments is to take our mind-body-spirit in a positive direction. It takes courage and commitment when coming into the world of Kambo, a lot of hard work has been done when sitting with the practice. We always want to keep the momentum, especially building ourselves up for sequential treatments. It is important to do our best in regards to lifestyle choices. Wether it is with alcohol,  recreational drugs, processed sugar, sexual vices and overall cravings, we want to be mindful of these choices. Moderation or abstinence is key in regards to our own personal paths and progress. Kambo can help this process, helping to make healthy decisions. 

Viva Kambo!

Stephen Goterch