Indigo Health Voyages
Life and Health Coaching ~ Sound Meditation Healing ~ Psychedelic Integration

Kambo Packages

Private Session

$120 – $225 (Sliding scale donations) ┬áVariables based on personal affordability and travel)


  • Basic Treatment (3-9 points)
  • Coboclo treatment (3-4 treatments in 28 days)
  • Basic layered treatments (gradual treatment 3-9 points, one at a time)
  • Meridian treatments
  • Charka Treatments
  • Auricular Treatments
  • Special Treatments (Ear, Charka, Meridian Combo)
  • Intensive, 2 treatments within a 3 hour time frame.

please email or call for specific benefits of each treatments

Kambo Circles

$50-$100 donations per person (Sliding Scale)

(Request and organize a Kambo circle in your community or email me for available upcoming circles in the Portland Maine Region)