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Kambo Packages

Private Session

$165 – $350 (Sliding scale donations)  Variables based on personal affordability and travel

Treatments typically range from 1.5 – 3.5 hours.  (Preparation setup, treatment, rest and recovery)


  • Basic Treatment (Shoulder and leg) 
  • Initiation/inoculation treatment protocol (3-4 treatments within 120 days)
  •  Layered treatments (gradual intensity treatment, applying one secretion point every 4-6 minutes)
  • Meridian line treatments
  • Auricular Treatments
  • Specialized Treatments (Ear, Charka, Meridian Combo)
  • Intensive, 2 treatments within a 3 hour time frame
  • Micro-dosing courses

* Free phone consultations are recommended and welcomed

Kambo Group Circles 

$100-$200 donations per person (Sliding Scale affordability)

*Request and organize a Kambo circle in your community or email Indigo Health Voyages for available upcoming circles in the Portland Maine or Minnesota Region)

Micro Dosing And Self Application Course

This in person program offers a unique opportunity to work with Kambo on the micro dosing and self application level. This 1 day course is recommended for individuals who have undergone and completed their initiation and inoculation process. This is typically achieved when an individual receives Kambo 3 times within 3 months, along with 2 maintenance sessions within the 3-12 months following.

This is a in depth hands on curriculum that teaches practical techniques, allowing Kambo to work on the micro dosing levels in the comfort of your own safe space. Please contact for details on the class.

$450-$700 sliding scale