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Health Coaching

Health and wellness coaching offers the opportunity to expand an individuals personal growth on many levels. Within our coaching program, participants receive individualized attention focussing on specific areas of their life. Receiving a plethora of healthy tools and guidance to help us grow with our everyday challenges can make our life path graceful.

With life’s complexities, naturally we can feel overwhelmed with the amount of information at our doorsteps, trying to decide what fits best for us. Where does one begin? What really works and what doesn’t? Our time is indeed valuable and must be utilized efficiently.

With Indigo Health Voyages we aim to simplify these complexities, putting individuals on a realistic dedicated path to heightened health.

A multi faceted approach is a strong direction for a totality of well being. In our coaching sessions we utilize and teach various techniques within the mind, body and spirit. Thus in return, putting our selves back into balance.

As a health wellness coach and having a passion for holistic and spiritual well being, this unique program stems from various trainings and educations that have been learned over a 17 year period of discovery.

Some of the foundational teachings and programs that are utilized in our training program vary from:

  • Sacred Valley Tribe Association, Puerto Maldonado Peru. Herbalism, proper diet, Shamanism, and conscious living.
  • Eckhart Tolle. A doorway into presence, how to quiet your mind and live in the now.
  • Wim Hof. Keeping your mind and body in an optimal natural state through breathe work and cold water therapy.
  • Thich Knat Hahn. Father of modern mindfulness, essence into walking meditation and proper breathe work.
  • Weston Price Foundation. Source for nutrition and health, providing scientific validation for traditional food ways and intermittent fasting.
  • Krishnamurti Foundation of America. Teachings of human potential and solutions for conflict.

Indigo Health Voyages offers coaching sessions via zoom and in person, through our treatment spaces in Maine/Minnesota

Coaching sessions consist of

45 minute session$65-175 (sliding scale affordability)