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The Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program (MMMP) exists to ensure and facilitate an efficient, responsible and legal medical cannabis environment within the State of Maine. It provides compliance oversight, processes, guidelines and support to registered participants involved in the cultivation, processing and selling of medical cannabis and products containing it.

It’s been a gratifying experience working with the state of Maine medical Cannabis care giver program since 2017. 

 We have aimed to help individuals who are drawn to using variations of CBD and Cannabis,  alleviating multiple health  issues and enhancing their quality of life. 

Our medium sized indoor pesticide free grow consists of a small collective of caretakers. We focus on the highest care and quality within the cultivation of the cannabis plants. Using clean well water fed hydroponic systems, we strive to produce holistic blends that can suite many different needs. Our rural spring fed well water quality is an important factor in our process, eliminating chlorine, fluoride, and bromides to ensure the purest and highest standards.

We have worked with Integr8 Health in Falmouth Maine, aiding and assisting patients with their completion and intake process for Maine Medical marijuana cards. 

Helping individuals with their specific ailments, while correlating cannabis strains for quality effectiveness, is a passion we aim to achieve.

Please contact or 603-339-7244 for details on strains and pricing.

Percentage of proceeds is donated to the Matse tribe of Amazonian Peru, for the preservation of Kambo and the Phyllomedusa Bicolar Frog.

(Examples of our grow, May 2023. CBD, Indica, sativa, and hybrids)