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Kambo Aftercare

Kambo aftercare and post treatment health is an aspect I consider to be a very important process within the practice. It is not just about receiving treatments, being rushed in and out the door.  There is a strong focussed  integration process to assimilate into our daily lives after the treatments and ceremonies you receive.  Along with your Kambo treatment plan, or as a separate entity, I offer calculated, simple and effective methods to practice for daily health, which will maximize your wellbeing. There are many synergistic modalities within the health field that we utilize with Kambo and other plant medicines. Using a multi faceted approach, combing unique treatments, can hold the longevity for the treatments you receive.

Together we will utilize simple techniques such as proper herbs and supplements, simple lymphatic daily exercise strategies, cold water therapy, breathe work, kambo diet plans, energy harnessing systems, plant medicine education, correct meditation; all while bringing in a positive attitude and atmosphere into your daily lives.