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Preparation for Kambo is fairly easy. The only clients not eligible for treatments are the ones who fall under the contraindications list.

  • People with serious heart problems
  • People who had a stroke
  • People on medication for LOW blood pressure- (high blood pressure in not an issue)
  • People who’ve had a brain hemorrhage
  • People who have had aneurisms or blood clots
  • People who lack the mental capacity to make the decision to take Kambo
  • People with serious mental health problems, EXCLUDING depression and anxiety (Kambo is very
  • beneficial in alleviating depression and anxiety)
  • People undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy for 4 weeks afterwards
  • People who take immune suppressants for organ transplant
  • Woman who are pregnant or maybe so
  • Woman who are breastfeeding a child under 6 months old
  • Under 18

After our initial consultation, we proceed with the right treatment that fits your needs. A single treatment may be enough to meet your needs, while being highly beneficial. Although, many practitioners advocate getting a series of treatments within the first month of application. Three to four treatments is recommended for optimal results. Starting with the basic treatment, 3-8 points on the arm or leg, followed by a chakra treatment, followed by a meridian treatment, to potentially finalize a fourth treatment with a “Specialized Treatment.”  Specialized treatments consist of Auricular points, meridian points, and chakra points all in correlation with your own specific ailments.

Each Kambo session you receive builds stronger and more effective from the previous treatment. Kambo works in incremental layers, removing energetic and biological toxins in stages. In your first month of the Kambo initiation and inoculation, the body heals at a rapid rate. Once this is complete, coming for a single maintenance session every 3 to 8 months will continue to improve and maximize your healing process.

On the day of treatment, you will only have a maximum of two cups of water. During the immediate preparation while we prepare the points on the body, clients then will begin to drink 2 liters of water 20 min before application.

We start with a test a single test point to see any adverse reactions which. A test point allows insights to into any potential problems or sensitivities that can be easily reversed given the small amount of Kambo applied. During the test point we observe how the body reacts in regards to your breathe rate, anxiety, skin reactions, and other sensitivities.

Soon after the client feels comfortable with no adverse reactions, we begin to apply the remainder of the secretion to the body. The initial effects come on with in one minute of application, as Kambo crosses the blood brain barrier.  Patients usually feels the heart beat faster and louder while the body begins to strongly circulate blood flow. Kambo is knows as a Heart Cleanser, strengthening the heart muscle with strong vasodilation to the body. A client then may have minor sweating and flushing as the secretion begins to work within the body.  During this stage we harness the healing effects as the warmth of the kambo reaches the cranial area of the body.

The second stage of kambo is when the blood pressure begins to drop, while the body is removing toxins into the bile tract. The patient normally will feel nausea and have the early stages of the purge arising.  As a practitioner, we then begin to assist with helping the client purge, which is the release of accumulated toxins stored in the bile. The purge is looked at as a sacred release, removing energetic blockages and toxins.  The participant also may need to use the toilet, as the body is cleansing itself and releasing toxins through the intestines.  The third phase of Kambo is the rest and recovery. After the sacred purging, the body will begin to regulate with new and improved vitality and circulation.  Shortly after the treatment, the client will feel refreshed and rejuvenated going about their daily tasks with a new and improved energy.

Applying the frog secretion is safe and easy.  Points, gates, or dots, as they are referred as, are small burn marks lifting a thin layer of the outer skin. Sizes of the points are no larger than the tip of a ballpoint marker, while the pain level is comparable to a mosquito bite. Points heal rather fast, often leaving a slight discoloration for a few months. Once the point and skin is opened, we then liquefy the dried frog secretion into a mucus form. We shape and mold the wet secretion into a small sized ball, which then is placed over the point on the body, entering the body to cross the blood brain barrier.

After a successful treatment, we begin to evaluate your physical and emotional well being, while discussing future goals for secondary treatments and optimal health. We will work a in depth integration process, helping your needs and aiding with your healing process.

The set and setting for the treatment is of most importance. We conduct all treatments in a professional clinical setup, while also offering the treatment in a ceremonial atmosphere.  We use traditional kambo icao’s, sound healing instruments, sage, and medicine songs to aid with the process.