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Psychedelic / Entheogenic integration

Psychedelic integration is a communicative in depth process, worked in a personal or group setting. We aim to share experiences, growths, and challenges related to ones inner workings with entheogenic medicines.
With a Global movement on the rise, individuals exploring healing modalities with sacred medicines has been exponentially spreading year by year. Individuals are rapidly seeking the healing powers and roots of our ancient indigenous cultures along with modern science based entheogenic medicines and clinics.

The transformation that can be experienced while working with these modalities can be life changing, while the integration process is a key component of the journey. In our practice, we aim to share important education, protocols, counseling, preparation, and post care regarding your mental, spiritual and physical development.

Stephen and Bobby over the years have worked in many professional and sacred settings around the globe, ranging from Iboga clinics, ayahuasca retreat centers, kambo training, sprit walks, and various medicine trainings.

Sharing these experiences together, gaining knowledge and wisdom in a comfortable setting helps to maximize ones integration process. Group discussions and counseling can be of tremendous value when understanding the dynamic layers of the healing process in conjunction with responsible safe medicine work.