What is Psychedelic Entheogenic Integration?

This integration process is designed to promote healing, personal growth, and enhanced well-being following a psychedelic experience. It is often facilitated by trained professionals, therapists, or integration coaches and can also be pursued individually.

Here are some key aspects of psychedelic entheogenic integration:

Post-Psychedelic Support

Integration typically takes place after a person has had a psychedelic experience. It acknowledges that psychedelic experiences can be profound and transformative, and it aims to provide support for processing and understanding these experiences.

Emotional and Psychological Integration

Psychedelic experiences can bring up a wide range of emotions, insights, and thoughts. Integration involves helping individuals navigate these aspects of their experiences, integrating them into their sense of self, and addressing any challenges or issues that may arise.

What are the Psychedelic Entheogenic Integration Practices?

Integration often involves the use of various practices and techniques to help individuals integrate their experiences. These practices can include meditation, journaling, mindfulness, art therapy, bodywork, and other therapeutic modalities. The specific practices used may vary depending on the individual’s needs and preferences.


Psychedelic experiences are often described as having deep spiritual or existential significance. Integration work may involve helping individuals make meaning of their experiences and how they relate to their beliefs, values, and life purpose.

Healing Trauma and Resolving Issues

Psychedelics can sometimes bring repressed memories or unresolved psychological issues to the surface. Integration work can help individuals process and heal from past traumas and address underlying emotional or psychological issues.

Integration Circles and Groups

Some people participate in integration circles or support groups where they can share their experiences and insights with others who have had similar experiences. These groups can provide a sense of community and validation.

Long-Term Well-Being

The ultimate goal of psychedelic entheogenic integration is to promote long-term well-being and personal growth. It can help individuals make positive changes in their lives, such as improving relationships, changing unhealthy habits, or pursuing new goals.

Safety and Responsible Use

Integration also emphasizes responsible and safe use of psychedelics. It can involve discussing harm reduction strategies and providing guidance on how to approach future psychedelic experiences.

It’s important to note that psychedelic entheogenic integration is not a one-size-fits-all process, and it can vary significantly from person to person.

Additionally, while some people find it helpful and transformative, it may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals who are considering psychedelic experiences or integration work should seek out trained and qualified professionals and approach these practices with care and intentionality. Psychedelics can be powerful tools, and responsible use and integration are essential for maximizing their potential benefits and minimizing risks.



Psychedelic Entheogenic Integration Pricing & Packages (Private & Groups)

Indigo Health Voyages offers Psychedelic Entheogenic Integration sessions via zoom and in person, through our treatment space in Minnesota.

Personal Wellness Guidance sessions consist of:

Length of Session: 45 Minute session

Price: $50 -95 A sliding scale donation option is offered for all Psychedelic Entheogenic Integration with variables based on personal affordability and travel. Sessions are conducted via Zoom or in person sessions at the Lake Harriett Spiritual Community office space in Minneapolis MN

How to schedule a Psychedelic Entheogenic Integration Pricing session:  Please contact Stephen by email indigorizing@gmail.com for scheduling and availability.