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Meditation for a quiet mind. Simply put, we use meditation as a daily practice to bring awareness and presence into our everyday lives. The essence of mediation is bringing vitality to our senses, simmering the chattering mind that seems to run wild on a daily basis. Observation without analyzation is one of the highest forms of intelligence. Being able to observe ourselves, thoughts, and surroundings in a still manner, allows ones self to connect with higher states of consciousness beyond the realm of thought. This is the key to being aware of the sacred space that allows everything to be. To be the observer of the observer brings us to this sacred space, not completely identifying with our rapid overwhelming thoughts, ultimately freeing us from mental turmoil.

In our practice, we teach how to experience stillness with the aid of breathe work, which can reconnect ourselves into our bodies, relieving body tension, and ultimately reconnecting our senses with nature. In our meditation sessions we sit together and explore this phenomenon and practicality of the present moment.

Sound Therapy is another aspect of meditation, where specifically designed sound can help us disconnect from habitual mind patterns. Using the consciousness-altering properties of sound can heighten self awareness, connecting us to our higher selves. Combining healing world instruments, shamanic tones, specific frequencies and sound waves, we aim for our sessions to bring us to a revitalizing calming experience.

Meditation and Sound Healing- 60 minutes $100