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About Stephen Goterch

My journey began growing up in Derry NH, three houses down from the Historical Robert Frost Farm.. “The only way out is through,” one of Frost’s great quotes which has resonated with me from an early age. I realized this notion is very true, while we are here to face the world, our ego, and gradually transform through it. Inevitably into our higher selves.

Facing challenges and experiencing trauma is common for most individuals along our lives. Held in fearful unconscious reactions to these traumas and negative surroundings, we tend to deviate from our intended positive paths. Physical and mental health can quickly deteriorate through daily stress, self medicating, the wrong medications in general or overall unhealthy lifestyles choices.

On a personal level there came a time at 25 years of age where enough was enough, the ego and its unconscious choices needed to be recognized and healed in a radical holistic fashion. With the proper education and guidance, primarily through the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, Graham Hancock and Terence McKenna, I inherently knew I was ready to “Awaken” to this higher and healthy self.

My first pivotal calling came in 2007 traveling to the Amazon Rainforest and Machu Picchu in Peru. I had the great opportunity to work with many gifted teachers within the Sacred Valley Tribe studying the medicine practice of Kambo and plant medicines.  This experience lead myself towards building a strong relationship with the peptide producing frog species Phyllomedusa Bicolor.  I began to work with the peptide secretion on myself and participants over the upcoming years with positive results and productivity.

During these travels to Peru, I strengthened my practices within meditation, Shipibo ayahuasca  traditions, icaro sound healing, and herbalism. Diego Palma and Antonio Fernandez, two highly regarded Shamans in the Puerto Maldonado Cusco regions were to become prominent teachers in my life.  This was a fundamental shift in my growth process and immediately started to accelerate my healing process at a rapid rate.

Soon thereafter I traveled to Sedona and Wilcox Arizona in 2009 studying holistic health, personal wellness, and elements within musical sound therapy. I had the fortunate opportunity working and learning from various Apache medicine men and woman, thus broadening my spiritual practice of shamanism, drumming, and the Indian initiations of peyote sprit walks.

My travels opened the door for me to become hired as an aid in 2014 at the renowned Rythmia Life Advancment Center in Costa Rica. Here I had the pleasure of expanding my training with the powerful plant medicine Iboga, originating from the Pygmy and Bwiti traditions of Gabon and Cameroon Africa. Working with Moughenda, a generational Bwiti Shaman expanded the horizons of entheogenic healing and consciousness. This important chapter helped me assist in aiding others trying to overcome deep rooted addictions, past traumas, and achieving overall spiritual growth.

Having this new found clarity was bringing more and more synchronicities into my daily life. Many positive influential people aiding my personal journey also came into my life in abundance. The thousand mile journey begins with the first step, these important first steps is what brings us closer towards joy and peace.

I currently hold my BA in Technical Management from Southern New Hampshire University while currently working on a Master’s degree in Social work and counseling. In my spare time I have enjoyed orchestrating sound therapy music for treatments and ceremonies.  Prior to this, I proudly was an EMT/Firefighter graduating from the NH Fire Academy and earning an associates degree of Fire Science in 2002. In my practice with Indigo Health Voyages,  it has been very gratifying working with many other first responders in the public service field, assisting them with their own personal PTSD challenges.

Practicing the administration of Kambo, sound therapy, teaching meditation and the benefits of   plant medicines is a strong passion of mine, which has led me on a unique path helping to spread this valuable knowledge to others.

In 2016 I proudly became a member of I.A.K.P, International Association of Kambo Practitioners. This was an intensive course in Washington State, furthering my knowledge regarding the administration and care of the the Amazonian kambo practice. I had the pleasure to train under Karen Uma Darke and Ginny Rutherford, two of the worlds most gifted Kambo practitioners and teachers.

In December of 2017 I had the opportunity to work with Amazonian Native Victor Escobar and his partner Natasha Devi, teachers of the Yarapa River region of the Amazon Rainforest. This was a valuable experience learning potent sappo methods within the tradition of Kambo while exploring the natural habitat of the phyllomedusa bicolor tree frog.

During my travels to the Yarapa River also led me to learn from generational Shamans and healers Belinda and Segunda at the Gaia Tree Retreat Center. At the Gaia Center I was able to share a  transformational experience, deepening my relationship with the Shipibo tradition of ayahuasca, icaro sound healing and herbalism. 

2020 brought rapid changes to our living. In conjunction with 2020, I enjoy my membership and association within the Krishnamurti Foundation of America, working with the fundamentals of living and consciousness.  Helping with various retreat centers throughout country has been a gratifying experience while building a healthy community.  

2021 was also a pivotal step with my practice, expanding into the beautiful lakes region of  Minneapolis where I raise my daughter Acacia while embracing the gift of fatherhood. The states of Minnesota and Maine has gifted the opportunity of Indigo Health Voyages working closely with the associations of, “Open Mind Integration, Luna Wolf Sanctuary, Alex Freese of Lake Harriett Spiritual Community, and Dream Tree Haven.”