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As we evolve on our planet, correlating with an ever increasing amount of information at our footsteps, we as individuals are finding new and improved ways to heal our minds and bodies. The world is changing rapidly while it is indeed exciting and important times for planetary growth. As we can connect with other parts of the world, we begin unifying and discovering healing modalities to help usher in our own positive changes.

With many gifts brought to this planet, Kambo is one particular gift that more and more people around the globe are called upon. As a society that is full of stress, where sometimes our old methods fail to show improvement, we tend to turn to alternative therapies with great success.

Kambo, a 800 year old ancient tradition, is the skin secretion from the Phyllomedusa tree frog of the upper Amazon. The secretion is full of peptides, nueropeptides and bioactive peptides, which are the building blocks to life. This modality for healing biological and energetic blockages is a scientifically proven approach to achieve our higher selves, putting our bodies back into balance. The great tree frog from the Amazon, giving it’s medicine to the world in abundance while no harm is ever done to the frog, offers a truly revolutionary step forward for our overall heath.

Once we achieve this balance putting our fatigue and “Dis-ease” to rest, we can move forward making the healthy intelligent decisions that our lives deserve. Learning productive holistic modalities with the right guidance, one can begin a new chapter bringing joy into our world and the people who surround us.

Our mission statement and goals with Indigo Health Voyages is to implement a grounded holistic approach within our important healing process. We offer one on one interpersonal treatments along with group and retreat settings. A dedicated focus is applied to each participant and their important integration process.

Also within our practice, using the tools of wellness coaching, herbalism, plant medicines, sound healing and meditation, we provide a well balanced multi-faceted approach to meet our higher selves. With 17 years of dedicated experience facilitating treatments, retreats, and ceremonies, it is with great excitement to share this space. As we begin learning from each other and creating new paradigms for a better world, we become the change we want to see in the world.

Stephen Goterch

Treatment spaces located in Portland Maine / Minneapolis Minnesota

Offering per request, in home treatments via your location